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About us

AMASTORIA = A love story! A love of style, a love of art, a love of design, a love of music but most of all inspired by the love of AMA’s two creators/curators. Claudia Bruce and Reeves Kerr have a long love affair with the above ingredients which have manifested into the multi concept boutique AMASTORIA/AMA.  You will find their influences throughout the beautifully curated space that reflects the life experiences of both Claudia and Reeves. 


Claudia’s long love affair with fashion begins a teenage girl in Guatemala City creating her own clothes, inspired by international cinema, music, fashion mags and the beautiful and colorful, indigenous inspired fashion (textiles) of the women within Guatemalan culture. At fourteen Claudia would immigrate with her family to Los Angeles and soon find herself working as an assistant buyer at Ron Herman/Fred Segal, which would lead Claudia in a twenty-year career where she would create, manage and buy for many well- known stores and designers such as Caleen Cordero, Henry Begulin, and most recently Mohawk General Store where she served as general manager and buyer (women’s).  


Reeves’ love affair began as a child in the 70’s growing up in Southern California where his multicultural background would lead him through a diverse education in music, film, art, design and what most would say is fashion Reeves would call style! It was through this diverse upbringing that Reeves would incorporate all of these visual and sonic styles that would influence his music, visual, and conceptual presentations, as both a creative and businessman. It is with this understanding of business and artistic expression that Reeves is able to collaborate and understand Claudia’s timeless/flawless curation and eye for fashion, design and art that make AMASTORIA such a unique and beautiful experience.  

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