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"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." — Oscar de la Renta


An introduction - claudia bruce

Updated: Apr 20, 2018

Claudia Bruce - a 25 year veteran of the fashion industry - has served in many roles over her career. Prior to opening AMA, she not only served as the General Manager/Buyer for one of LA’s hippest and most chic high-end women’s boutiques, but she also helped carefully craft its unique feel and ambiance. Claudia appears almost whimsical, with an infectious smile and subtle movement. Her class, knowledge and savoir faire have served as a beacon for LA residents, which include many in the entertainment industry, where she has built a divers and star-studded clientele. Not only do they come for the elegant and beautiful clothes with which she has filled her store, but also for the way in which she guides them through the process of purchasing clothing; a process that makes them feel alive, beautiful, and most of all, confident. Claudia’s client base has been built over her illustrious career as both a retail sales maven and a buyer for such stores and brands as: Fred Segal, Henry Beguelin, Calleen Cordero, and Mohawk General Store. Her clientele is vast and loyal. Much of her rapport with her client base is built upon their trust in Ms. Bruce and confidence in her expertise and subtle honesty. It is with great pride that Ms. Bruce sits at the helm of her own creation: AMASTORIA.

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